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We have certifications in our processes that guarantee the operation, providing security and stability to each of the areas and services we offer.

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PCI DSS Level 1

Security standard of global data that any company must fulfill of any size to accept payment cards. This is a continuous process of improvement in which business processes are evaluated to be able to resolve vulnerabilities that are observed in them.

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ISO 27001

Standard for information security in which the necessary requirements to establish, implant, keep and improve an Information Security Management System (SGSI) through the Deming-PHVA cycle through planning processes, do, check and act.

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The AWS Partner Network (APN)

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for technology companies and consulting that leverages Amazon Web Services to create solutions and customer services. The APN helps companies create, market and sell your AWS-based solutions by providing commercial support, technical and marketing.

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ISO 8583

ISO8583 standard specifies a message format that describes the credit card and the debit card details being exchanged between devices and card issuers.

ISO 8583 standard is the widely used standard in communication between financial entities, for transactions carried out electronically.

When talking about such operations, reference is made to payments (with cash or card) from a window, card payments from a POS, payment transactions, retirement and consult from an ATM (electronic teller machine), operations from the internet or mobile device, etc.

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ISO 27017

Standard 27017 provides controls for cloud service providers and customers. Its goal is to help cloud services be so safe like the rest of the data included in a certified Information Management System.

The knowledge of this compendium of good practices will allow to identify the most relevant points when choosing suppliers, contemplating that these should provide information about the architecture, the technology used, the security measures adopted and the functionalities available, as well as the context of use (for example, the encryption technology used or the geographic location of data centers).

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Participant in Disposal Media Networks.

Disposal Media Networks are a series of agreements, protocols, instruments, interfaces, procedures, rules, programs, systems, infrastructure and other related elements with the use of Means of Disposal (debit cards, credit, checks,funds transfer orders, any device or interface that allows the making of payments or resource transfers.

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Adherence to aggregator standards for ISO PROSA and EGLOBAL

Openpay meets the logical and technological standards required by switches for the integration and operation of credit and debit card transactions.

PROSA services are used by more than 50 million national and international cardholders, who annually perform more than 1,500 million operations that add up to a global amount of 40 billion dollars.

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ISO 270018

International Standard that focuses on the protection of personal data in the cloud.

Data security and trust in cloud-based services are a cause for concern among IT decision makers within organizations.