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Different payment methods

  • Receive payments with debit and credit card
  • Receive payments with cash at convenience stores affiliated with the Paynet Network
  • Receive bank transfers and confirm them at the time of payment
  • Accept national and international customers
  • From anywhere with a single integration

Virtual accounts for each customer

  • Separate balances for each account
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Card information storing

Send payments to banks or cards

  • Customize the deposit concept
  • Know instantly when payments are confirmed

Fast way to get paid

  • You customize the day when you want to receive the funds
  • Receive notifications when you have the money in your account

Charge your customers on a recurring basis

  • Offer diverse types of plans to your customers
  • Storing card info and realize automated billing
  • Create different payment periods weekly, monthly or annual
  • Offer to your customers a trial period of your service
  • Get to know immediately when a customer has not paid

Real time notifications

  • Forget batch processes and synchronize rapidly
  • Receive notifications when your customer pays

Online administration panel

  • See real-time status of your transactions
  • Configure your own preferences and of your customers

A completely protected environment

  • We analyze each transaction in real time with our anti-fraud system to protect your business from fraudulent charges
  • All transmitted information is encrypted with SSL certificates
  • We have the PCI -DSS certification for handling and storing card information
  • By using our Openpay.js web library or the libraries for mobile devices the information never goes through your server so you are fulfilling the requirements of PCI.

Simple and fast integration

  • Powerful API that allows to use diverse business models
  • Multiple libraries for the most popular languages
  • Online support throughout the integration process

The best price

  • No installation or maintenance costs
  • No forced contracts
  • Pay only the successful transactions you process